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Open calls are for our ADULT FASHION PRINT and RUNWAY division ONLY. They take place at the agency on Tuesday's from 3pm-4pm weekly. Bring non-returnable photos (professional not required) so we can see how you photograph. Be sure to include a full-length and face shot. Dress in form fitting attire, wear minimal to no makeup and your hair down in it's natural state. *We do not currently have open calls for commercial print, broadcast, or kids' departments. To submit to these departments, please submit using the form above or call the info line for further instructions.      

Women: 5'8"-5'11"    
Men" 6'-6'3"

*Pictures do not need to be professional but should include closeups and full-length                
*No makeup
*Swimsuit or fitted, body conscious attire    


Please DO NOT call the agency to follow up, if there is interest we will reach out.
For more information on the submission processes, please call the info line at: 214-559-6989                

For VOICE OVER submissions please email them to:

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