Resumé: Debbie L. Causey

The Deep End Secretary ABC TV Series
Love Boat Principal Aaron Spelling Prod/ABC
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Performer Dallas Cowboy Organization
Country Music Awards Dancer Dick Clark Co/NBC
Real People Feature D.O.D./U.S.O. Bob Hope

Hall's Body Shop VOC Principal Radio Vision Production
Cox High Speed Internet VOC Principal Volante Services
Nutrisystem O/C Principal DDTV2 Production Co.
Ford VOC Principal Rice Productions
Time Life VOC Principal Hawthorne Communications
Sam's Club VOC Principal The Braun Productions
Citrus Magic VOC Principal APVC Productions
Premsyn VOC Principal Fireside Productions
Six Flags/Time Warner VOC Principal Bill Quinn/Time Warner Ent. Co
Home Repair Holiday Pack VOC Principal Timelife/NCMG Great Falls MT
Closet Maid O/C Principal Lipphardt-Postmark Productions
St. Anthony's Hospital O/C Principal Stone Core Films
Ci-Ci's Pizza O/C Principal Apollo Films
Flav-O-Rich Icecream O/C Principal Crawford Productions

UPS VOC Dixieland Productions
Aerobic Power Tennis VOC AGH Productions
Bellsouth VOC Hewitt & Hewitt
Chick-fil-A VOC IXL Production
Employment Training VOC Media Resource Group
New Products VOC BAPCO Video Production
Buick T/S Spokesperson Morley Production
Interop-Complink T/S Spokesperson ACS Communications
Nike T/S Spokesperson Super Show

KD Studio Intro to Acting, Commercial I, Commercial II

Acting, Commercial Techniques, Acting for Commercials

Richland Jr College Communications/Acting
North Texas University Radio/Broadcast/Film

Special Abilities/Hobbies
All sports including aerobics, weight lifting, exercising, dancing, tennis, bicycling, roller skating, softball, bowling and more!

Special Skills
Ear prompter and Teleprompter efficient.