Resumé: Don Kruizinga

Film (Selected)
Frog JournalKatie's FatherJamie Leake Productions
Captain Freedom Senator Joseph McCarthy Striped Sock Productions
Warming TrendTed SimsNumbsville Productions
One Good Bad JokePhil SimmsChuck Davis N.Y.F.A.
Back at the RanchBankerLeslie Robinson Productions

Commercials (Selected) (Conflicts on Request)
Eyemart ExpressPrincipal/RegionalEyemart Express
Blue Cross Blue ShieldPrincipal/RegionalJordan & Associates
Bob Evans RestaurantsPrincipal/RegionalChicago Creative Partners
Bank IVPrincipal/RegionalLittlefields Ad Agency
Community CarePrincipal/RegionalCloud 9 Productions
Blue BellPrincipal/RegionalBlue Bell Productions
CitcoPrincipal/RegionalWinner Communications
What-A-BurgerPrincipal/RegionalBeaucoup Chapeaux
Texas TourismPrincipal/RegionalGSD&M
Oklahoma Natural GasPrincipal/RegionalADVW, Inc.
Oklahoma TourismPrincipal/RegionalAckermann McQueen

Industrials (Selected)
American Heart AssociationPrincipalTocrok
Six Flags over TexasPrincipalRedline Films
American AirlinesPrincipalAmerican Airlines Productions
Public Services of OklahomaPrincipalIn-House Production Studio 12
Boy Scouts of AmericaPrincipalBoy Scouts Productions
ExxonPrincipalExxon Production Pearlman Studio

Theatre (Upon Request)
Acting on Camera, Gail CronauerTelevision Workshop, Frank Stangel
Audition for Film & TV, Gail CronauerTV Commercials, Glo Jenkins
Tom Logan Workshop, Tom LoganCoaching, Eleese Lester & Suzanne Savoy
TV Commercials, Robert PrentissReact Workshop, Michele Condrey-Nancy Chartier
Acting Technique, Grant JamesAudition Techniques Workshop - Barbara Brinkley
Actors Workshop, Karen DouglasActing on Camera, Gail Cronauer

Special Skills
3 Balls (Base, Basket & Foot)Chainsaw
Weight TrainingCertain Construction Equipment
Motorcycles, Horseback (Western)Weaponry
Sing like Lee Marvin