Resumé: Edgar Paul
SAG-e 6'1" / brown / brown
Film & Television
The Price is Right Male Model
Search (National)CBSLauren Kutasi, A. Prod.
Unloved (short film)IndependentJulian Race Director
Ford Fiesta (Regional)PixelPopsShaun Severi, Dir.
Rooms-To-Go (National)Castle Way ProductionsRichard Lehman, Dir.
Chick-Fil-A (National)Lucky 21Tom Ryan, Dir.
TGI Friday’s (National)Lucky 21Tom Ryan, Dir.
TGI Friday’s (National)Lucky 21Tom Ryan, Dir.
Six Flag’s/Coca-Cola (National)
Quick Trip (National)Lucky 21Tom Ryan, Dir
Belk (Regional)Coin Operated FilmsErin Brender Prod.
Conn’s (Regional)Denolf FilmsTom Denolf, Dir.
Clean StrikeEmployeeEco Lab
TGI Friday’sDay PlayerIntegrated Talent
NeriumDay PlayerNerium
Education & Training
Commercial ActingDallas Actors GroupKevin Howard
Basic ImprovImprov DallasWendy Pennington
Acting WorkshopBrock Allen Casting
Special Skills
Artistic, accents, athletics, juggling, hip-hop dance, freestyling, skateboarding, cooking, and impressions.