Resumé: Eric Hanson
5'11" / brown / brown
Film & Television
Lee Harvey Oswald:Johnny BrewerHistory Channel /
48 Hours to LiveAnthony Giacchino, Dir.
Reagan: A LifeFBI AgentReelz Channel / AMS Pics
Brad Osborne, Dir.
Selling JetsPeterAWE Channel /
Robbert Bennett, Dir.
The RunnersWalterBreath of Life Productions
Brady’s LotDaleHansonFilms
Safar: A JourneyChemistry ProfessorNep Val Films
The Night BeforeMichaelBrett Bentman, Dir.
22JimMike & Melody Prods
BLAIRTellBobby Paschall, Dir.
With Or WithoutJimBroken Pillar Films
The RiverPaul TateJeff Hamm, Dir.
To The HorizonAlSoul Focus Productions
CallisterSWAT Team CaptainCalantis Productions
First State BankCowboyProduce Results
Eyemart ExpressSoccer DadSEE Pictures
We Are 1976Creepy NeighborEquilateral Films
North Central Texas CollegeIT ProfessorSimon Trask, Dir.
(Current conflicts upon request)
State of Florida DMVSilent Movie HeroCold Fox Films
Education & Training
Film ActingThe Extra MileGlenn Morshower
Film ActingTBell StudioTheresa Bell
ImprovDallas Comedy HouseVarious
Special Skills / Other
Motorcycle riding (own Harley Lowrider), ex-military (Naval Intelligence), proficient at doing the worm