Resumé: Jeff Kribs

Film & Television
Marshmallowville (Animation) Professor Fluffernutter (Voice) Will Nicholson, Director
The Tales of Moondale HavenMultiple Roles (Leads)Will Nicholson, Director
A Promise KeptJoseph (Lead)Len Wilson, Director
Alive & KickingSupportLuke Greenfiled, Director
WithdrawalSupportHank Nelken, Director
Has Anybody Seen Phil?Phil (Lead)Fred Holmes, Director
Born on the 4th of JulyFeaturedOliver Stone, Director

Drive TimePrincipal (Nat'l)Rock House Films / Rocky Howell
Home Depot Floor StorePrincipal (Nat'l)Stonecore / Norry Niven
Don Pablo'sPrincipal (Nat'l)Pogo Pictures (Atlanta) / Steve Colby
AAfordable InsurancePrincipal (Nat'l)Hart Productions / Stan Hart
Texas LotteryPrincipal (Reg)Crossroad Films / Russell Bates
Stanley SteemerPrincipal (Nat'l)B Innovative Creative / Paul Loomis
Winn DixiePrincipal (Nat'l)Morrison Productions / Brian Bain
Hot PocketsPrincipal (Nat'l)Cucoloris / Boris Damast

CompUSAPrincipal (VOC)Out of the Blue Media
Rent-A-CenterPrincipal (VOC) / LIVECorporate Magic
Bayer PharmaceuticalsPrincipal (VOC)Holy Mackeral Media
MazdaPrincipal (VOC) / LIVECorporate Magic
BlockbusterPrincipal (VOC)12 Forward Productions
Frito LayPrincipal (VOC)AMS Productions
Radio ShackPrincipal (VOC)Circle R Media
Triad Hospital SystemPrincipal (MOS)Little Planet Learning
Cambridge EducationalSpokes (MOS)Primedia Productions
Walco InternationalSpokes (VOC)Vista Productions
ACSPrincipal (VOC)Roll With It

Mandrake AgainCallimacoBing Theatre, Los Angeles (Premiere)
The Importance of Being EarnestAlgeron MoncriefMassman Theatre, Los Angeles
TracersScooterMassman Theatre, Los Angeles
On The RazzleWeinberlGreenroom Theatre, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Fine ArtsUniversity of Southern California 1994
Host Boot CampMarki Costello
Shakespearean RelevanceKevin Kline

Special Skills
Improvisation, teleprompter, extreme facial malleability, sports opinion debate, athleticsDialects: British, Irish, New York, Southern, Character