Resumé: Larry Russell

Why We Do It Chet Rogers/VOC Matt Darylimple, Dir.
Stingray, Series Cobra/VOC Scott Murray, Dir.
Savage Spirit Dean/VOC Cory Turner, Dir.
The Devil Wears Spurs Dynamite Clay DeVille/VOC Charlton Thorpe, Dir.
Cold Water Paul/VOC Winston Barber, Dir.
Confessions Jonathan/VOC Justin Hiliard, Dir.
Shaken with a Twist Agent Meridan/VOC Russ Turley, Dir.
Corporate America Malcolm/VOC Tony Daniels, Dir.

Trophy Nissan Principal/VOC McCarthy Company
AMD Principal/VOC AMS Productions
Radio Shack Principal/VOC Circle R Group
Miller Lite Principal/MOS Radical Media
Hyundai Principal/MOS Atomico Productions
Frito Lay Principal/MOS AMS Productions

TXU Engineer Oncor Productions
Voyager Kids Teacher Voyager Group
Certiport Race Car Driver Insignio Media
Am. Heart Assoc. Aginal Breather AMS Productions
Blockbuster Customer 12 Forward
AT&T Spokesperson AT&T Production

Film Acting R.E.A.C.T. Studios Michele Condrey
Improv STAGE Nancy Fine
Acting for Commercials STAGE Jeanne Everton
Film Auditions Toni Cobb Brock Studio Toni Cobb Brock
Film Workshop Private Sessions Shari Rhodes

Special Skills
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, In-line Skating, Weight Training, Experience Driving-Motorcycles, Tractors, Large Equipment, Weapons Knowledgeable (Bow and Firearm), Stilts Walker, Riding Horses (Bareback or Western Saddle)