Resumé: Mary Lou O'Brien

Pearl Harbor music video Lady Buying Newspaper Michael Bay
Dr T & The Women In Court Scene Robert Altman
Killing In A Small Town Featured Extra King Phoenix Prod.
Marina's Story Featured Lakeside Prod/NBC
JFK Woman in Crowd Oliver Stone
Born on the 4th of July Lady On Corner Oliver Stone
Dallas Featured Lorimar Prod.

AT&T Broadband Principal Blind Pot Media
Leap Frog Principal/VOC Ackerman/McQueen
Exxon OC Big Fish
Parker Square Bank Principal/VOC Graphics II
Hearing Maters Principal/VOC HPC
TJ Maxx Fashion Video Model KDFW
Black Eyed Pea OC Black Gillock
Texoma Medical Center Principal/VOC Visions West
Women's & Childrens Principal/VOC Davisson
Furr's Cafeteria OC Tracey Locke
Eyemasters OC Richards Group
Sonic OC Production Assoc.
Mid First Bank Radio Edwards & Co.

JC Penney (4) OC JC Penney
Beauticontrol. Day Player In House
Mary Kay OC Raygun
American Heart Assoc. Day Player American Video
Chilis Day Player GT Productions
Northern Telecom Day Player Corporate Magic
Campbell's Soup Day Player Corporate Magic
Crystal Cruises OC Reel Art Production
Radio Shack OC Tandy Corp.
American Airlines OC Multi Image