Resumé: Tanner McElroy

East of FairfaxLeadCess Silvera
Crazy Girls UndercoverCo-StarRuss Jones
TwistedCo-StarJohn Asher
Meet DaveExtraBrian Robbins
Semi-ProExtraKent Alterman
Ugly BettyExtraLA Casting
CSI-MiamiExtraLA Casting
Criminal MindsExtraLA Casting
EntourageExtraSande Alessi Casting
Viva LoughlinExtraLA Casting

The Relic of Cut -N- ShootMayor AdamsMaedgen Theatre
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestMcMurphyMaedgen Theatre
This is Our YouthDennisMaedgen Theatre

Comprehensive TechniqueHoward Fine Studios Hollywood
Relationship of Homework to RehearsalHoward Fine Studios Hollywood
Meisner TechniquePlayhouse West/ North Hollywood
ActingTexas Actors Studio
Theatre ArtsTexas Tech University
Principles of ActingTexas Tech University

Baseball (College and Professional), Football, Painting, Drawing, Guitar, Weight Lifting, Golf, Pool, Darts, Poker, Blackjack, Dialects- Texas, Northern British, Standard (Southern) British