Resumé: Todd Terry

Prison Break Gov. Tancredi's Aide Peter O'Fallon, Dir.
The Year Without Santa Claus Wilkes Ron Underwood, Dir. (NBC - M.O.W.)
Walking Tall II Lou Dowdy Tripp Reed, Dir.
The Anarchist Cookbook Judge William Haversford Jordan Susman, Dir.
Arlington Road Gordon Kidwell (Camp Official) Mark Pellington, Dir.
Wishbone-Dog Days of the West Able Skelton Rick Duffield, Dir.
Walker, Texas Ranger Dr. Brown (recurring) AMADEA Productions
Logan's War: Bound by Honor Captain James Mackey Michael Preece, Dir. (CBS -M.O.W.)
Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack Chester Anderson David Morris, Dir. (CBS-M.O.W.)
Sons of Thunder Dr. Adams Norris, Dir. (CBS-Pilot)
Texas Graces Dr. Buchanan Steve Miner, Dir. (CBS - Pilot)
Walker, Texas Ranger Carl Bishop Tony Mordente, Dir. (CBS)
In The Name Of Love Billy Farber Bill D'Elia, Dir. (FOX-M.O.W.)
Woman of Independent Means Tomas Robert Greenwald, Dir. (NBC-M.O.W.)
Wishbone Sir Henry Fred Holmes, Dir. (PBS)
Walker, Texas Ranger Jason Held Michael Preece, Dir. (CBS)
Heaven Help Us Keith Warner Victor Lobl, Dir. (Spelling Prod.)
Heaven and Hell Private James Larry Peerce, Dir.
Walker, Texas Ranger Cole Tony Mordente, Dir. (CBS)
Dangerous Curves Bryan Dorland Ron Satlof, Dir. (Paramount)
Wishbone Soldier Ben Vaughn, Dir. (PBS)
Courage Under Fire Bruno's secretary Edward Zwick, Dir.
Vocessitas Bob Kim Flores, Dir.
Last Fair Deal Travis Tyler Kit Carson, Exec. Producer
Relatively Speaking Malcolm Landry Peter Sime, Dir. (USA Film Festival)
Photon Jarvis James Carrington, Dir. (DIC Prod.)

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Industrial Films
American Heart Association Spokesperson David Blood, Dir.
Fast Signs Principal Flying Colors Productions
Alcon Principal Flying Colors Productions
Proto Tools Spokesperson Keiler & Company
Sundance Square Spokesperson Circle R Media
Fed Ex/Kinko's Principal Abernathy Media Profess.
Sally Beauty Supply Principal Sally Beauty Productions
Movie Beam Spokesperson Movie Beam Productions
Pier One Principal Pier One Productions
Daystar Spokesperson Daystar Television
Blue Bell Creameries Principal Jerry Cotts, Dir.
Proview Capital Principal Proview Capital Productions
GTE Directories Spokesperson Scott Shifflet Productions
Copeland Ministries Principal Copeland Ministries Prod.
JCPenney Spokesperson Bruce Johnson, Prod.
GTE Contel/Mobilnet Principal ESPI Video, Inc.
Chili's Principal Chris Brock Production
Oak Grove Treatment Center Spokesperson Aries Production
I Can't Believe It's Yogurt Principal Brice Foods Production

Lone Star Ray Contemporary Theater Dallas
Book of Days James Watertower Theater
Mad Forest Radu Undermain Theater
Six Degrees of Separation Rick Dallas Theater Center
Summer of the Wild Plum Moon Brendan Copper Breaks Theater
The Sum of Us Jeff Moonstruck Theater
The Night Hank Williams Died Thurmond Circle Theater
Extremities Raul Alliance Theater, Amsterdam
Be it Remembered Herman PCPA Theaterfest
The Three Musketeers 3rd Musketeer PCPA Theaterfest (U.S. Athos)
King Lear Gentleman PCPA Theaterfest (U.S. Edmund)
Troilus and Cressida Ajax Professional Actors Conservatory
The Memorandum Thumb Professional Actors Conservatory
The Marriage of Bette and Boo Boo Professional Actors Conservatory
Twelfth Night Orsino Professional Actors Conservatory
A View from the Bridge Rodolpho Santa Rosa Repertory Theater
Rainmaker Starbuck Santa Rosa Repertory Theater
Seagull Medvedenko Professional Actors Conservatory
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Brick Professional Actors Conservatory
Vikings Gunnar Dallas Alliance Theater
Come Back to the Five and Dime Joe Dallas Alliance Theater
1776 Courier Dallas Alliance Theater
American Express Petrucio Jeanette Cochran Theater, London

Acting Groups and Training
Teenage Communication Theater (Improv. Troupe) - CAAP (Improv. Troupe) - National Youth Theater of Great Britian - Alliance Theater Holland - Professional Actors Conservatory (2 Year Program) - American Conservatory Theater (Summer Program) - Michele Condrey (MeisnerTraining) - Dialects (Texas, Australian, Romanian, Italian, Southern, British)

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